Managing Millennial – an exclusive interview

Q1: What are the issues you face while managing Millennial?

We used to consider the workforce of industrial era specially those who are loyal, sincere and working for the same company for many years or may be till they retire so that they can live the rest of the life with the retirement funds. But the information era / Millennial consider to retire soonest possible, disrupt the market, flexible working (in terms of attire to attendance), following their intuition, driven by passion, tech-savvy and most importantly living in the Artificial Intelligence & Smart Technology market place.

So managing them is not easy with traditional tools and techniques rather being the leaders of the modern era, we must adopt the modern managing tools for the workforce. The challenges begins from the hiring the right candidate to retain them with ambitious task and challenging work environment for them grow up their skills & sharpen their knowledge with full exposure to the latest industry trends.

Q2: We see a transformation where 80’s generation are becoming leaders now and we experience the Millennial taking the step to start the journey to career ladder. What do you think the gap between both the era’s?

We call it “generation gap” whether it is the Father-Son relationship or Leader-Team mate. The synchronization in understanding the work to how they do is totally different. However, the degree of generation gap affect is totally depended the nature of business and the involvement of technology in the business process. Nowadays, even the banks have a separate committee / department to close this gap chaired by the Chief Breakthrough / Innovative Officer as it has become the significant factor of market disruption.

The millennial are ready to risk their savings, life and career to do what they love to do and become millionaires at the earliest than the 80’s generation those who think of climbing the ladder to become the top and retire at the age of 60. Comparatively, Millennial are fast learners, results driven, tech savvy and most importantly believing in ‘Life-Style Career’ than the previous generation’s ‘Corporate Life’.

Q3: In order to manage Millennial you should be updated with the latest trends and technology. Given this situation do you like to work with them?

Indeed it is interesting to work with the millennial as they are more challenging and it’s a mutual learning experience with them. Exchange of experiences, expectations, challenges, driving factors help the organization to develop its competitive edge. As you can’t live without your mobile phone – companies cannot exist without this millennial workforce as they will be driving the future of Smart cities, hyper loop trains to having a cup of tea / coffee in the space.

Q4: As a “C” level person you come across different departments where the head of them are in their 40s or 50s.  And when you recruit Millennials to work under those departments heads, there will be issues arising as the department heads are not from the Millennials. How do you resolve these issues? 

I consider this as a Critical Success Factor (CSF) of right sync between both generations as they previous generation possess the required business knowledge, experience & most importantly leveraging their contacts build up for many years whereas the Millennials bring the new experience and live wire for the business process to be appealing for the current trending business climate in the countries. Having a right bond between both generations will make company to thrive in the business as the understanding can be developed having the strong communication and discussions with open mind-set.

Q5: How do you see the future of Millennials and your opinion to other Leaders in Managing Millennials

The leaders have to get equipped with the future tech-driven work environment today in order to manage the future Millennial. The business world is getting into the new hands of Millennials those who are already disrupting the entire global business context from doing banking to collecting garbage. There are many millennial professions which never existed ten years before is getting rewarded more than the most respected professions in the world in terms of earning & learning capacity. Today’s leaders must be ready to accept the virtual office, freelance professionals with flexible work hours, attire, communication to experience the smart robotic automation with artificial & emotional intelligence for the business decision making.

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