Artificial Intelligent Consumers to make Smart Choices

Global Businesses are moving faster towards the Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Crypto currencies / Bitcoin, Smart office / home, Robotic Workers to flexible working hours even with the introduction of ban of emails & calls after office hours. As globalization had a huge impact in the complexity of the businesses and the information era has influenced as how the nature of business is taking place. Placing the fast food order by mobile apps to getting the delivery of drugs in drowns are making the consumer life easy. It is also equally important to ponder as what we consume is good for our health, environment and global business cycle at large or not.

As we learn from the researches on a daily basis that every consumable is having health hazards to long term macro-economic issues whilst it’s fulfilling the financial & non-financial objectives of the capitalism based Multi-National Companies (MNC). Even certain developing nations are under the patronage & mercy of the Multi-National Companies (MNC) to keep the country agenda moving ahead at the cost of citizen’s labour hours for number of slavery years. Drawing a narrow line in certain industries specially food, pharmaceuticals and industrial goods have been designed and delivered just to ensure to keep up their rankings, getting awards and recognitions whilst boosting the bottom line profit over people concerned.

One thing is very clear that every worker of the companies is remaining as a consumer for two third of his daily life and reporting only eight of hours of work as a loyal employee for the company. If every worker inspired to ensure that their work input is ethical, moral and socially responsible activity then the entire production line will be streamlined to reduce the harm for the people, animals, environments and countries. Killing the people in the war and profiteering or prescribing the drugs for years to kill them silently – both are same act without thinking that the same thing is taking place for their own families too. Consumers are the king without power as in the democratic country the politician decides the fate of their own citizens even though they have been elected by the people.

The consumers must be equipped with the latest mobile apps and information readily available to make the decision of buying a product or not based on the health hazards and other negative impact of the every product in the consumer market. This is possible with the Artificial Intelligence technology where every bit of information will be available to the consumer based on bar code scanning before they buy. The world is yet to embrace the Artificial Intelligent Consumers (AIC) with total information at their fingertips to control the unethical, immoral and socially irresponsible products getting flooded in the market place by making the smart choices.

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  1. Good article Muath. Keep up the good work !
    Employees in Sweden work for only 6 hours a day not to mention the Finland has the #1 rating in happiness.

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