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Large part of our life is filled with the work on our own terms or being in the corporate race is inevitable even though life style work is trending and fashionable to Millennials. Great decision by certain countries to even calculate the commuting hours as working hours to pay is something really admiring whilst it’s a nightmare in the developing nations. In a under developed transport city, a person could easily spend 3-4 hours in wheels or waiting to get in and out of the office. These hours are neither spend for family nor for the company so fail to capitalize leading for unproductive hours of the day.

Since, commuting takes few minutes to hours in certain cities, we can always think of doing something really productive to make our moves and minutes spend meaningful and productive.

Few of those productive commuting activities are as follows:

1. Listen to ignite your inspiration (Podcasts / Audio books / MP3)

2. Read books (or Kindle)

3. Capture Moments with your smart phones (and Sell it online)

4. Write Blogs, Article and build up your email list

5. Review the documents and be prepared for the meetings

6. Plan your day and take action points

7. Sketch your ideas, review your goals, prepare to do list

8. Respond to your messages, emails and make your calls

9. Invite your friend or colleague to share your moments, discuss and cherish

10. Learn the industry trends and new practices to improve your work skills.

The list goes beyond the above and of course these are possible only with the will power of making your commuting hours to be productive. If you want to embrace a new habit, it will take minimum of sixty days to do it continuously at a raw. Strategically plan your commuting hours to live a purposeful life to lead a Balanced Life.

Do you have a suggestion or practice to make your commuting hours productive? Then, share with us by commenting below or email

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2 thoughts on “Productive Commuting

  1. Here, some of thoughts too,

    1.Plan for unavoidable delays.
    Successful people email an assistant or colleague that they’re running late; if you do, too, it can make you feel less tense and anxious as the minutes tick by. If
    you’ll be really late, mentally re-prioritize what needs to get done immediately so you can get to it as soon as you reach the office.

    2.Work out the plan in details for the big picture
    – What’s the next major move coming up in your life?

    3.Take up our time in getting from X to Y
    – Leaving early is empowering

    4.use the time as exercise
    In one British study, employees reported being more productive on days they exercised compared to days they didn’t. If you can only swing it once a week, that’s better than never. For rail or bus riders, get off a few stops early for a bonus 15-minute stroll.

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