I have a Dream…!

Many years passed by in the name of Democracy after the independence of the countries from the British rulers but still those counties are inter-dependent whilst the wealth of citizens have been systematically transferred by those who are carrying out secret agendas of invisible hands. The quality of standard living, happiness of the people and progressing economies are selfish efforts by few in most of the countries.

The high-tech progressive counties are planning for their smart homes and cities. We must also strongly pay attention to the ones those who are the people of the nations. The smart government will always think of their citizens’ basic needs to build upon hierarchy of needs. Let me pen down few bigger and bold moves can be taken by the smart government for its citizens.

1. Every new born will be entitle to receive an amount from the government’s revenue for the life time (not born with national debt amount per capita as a birth right nor keep paying tax for high cost national borrowings)

2. Health care is free for all (complete disconnections from listed agenda of international organizations and pharmaceutical companies and make available of the nutritions)

3. Education is a must (the lessons taught must be take the country to the next level and not to pull down. Let the students learn from the best of the best in the world and return to the countries to serve the community whilst ensuring the technology access for all)

4. Personal needs (from getting married to the funeral arrangements costs, all personal needs will be partially born by the government which creates the happy people resulting in high life expectancy)

5. Utilities are free (making every citizen livable by providing the basic utilities from sanitation, clean water, electricity to infrastructure facilities)

6. Voting Right (not only for the selection of politicians rather every major decision of the government can be voted by the citizen by their phones or smart system)

7. 24 x 7 Surveillance (not only to monitor the accidents and crimes rather it should be the means to protect the country from all evil contracts, deals, drug and human trafficking)

8. Regulations (not to rigidly impose rather understand the needs to make the rules for the betterment of the future generations ensuring the high standard of living)

9. Opportunity for all (Not allowing any nature of marginalization or discrimination in terms of religion, race, cast, jobs, freedom of speech, choice and general tolerance for its citizens)

10. Preservation of resources (Not to allow for the personal gains of the public resources including the water resources, forest, animals to the air rights)

Anything is a dream until it’s achieved but it’s a mere wish if there’s no action plan. Americans had a dream and they progressed. Singapore had the inspiration, they moved the mountains. Japan had the courage, they made it again. China had the determination so that they became the number one economy in the world. it’s the time for every nation to dream.

Today, Sri Lanka is marking 70th Independence Day with second chance (after independence from British and win over the deadly war) to make every Sri Lankan to make the country happily livable place. I have a dream for Sri Lanka. So, Do you?

If you have any dream, wishes, suggestions for your country, please comment below or email

7 thoughts on “I have a Dream…!

  1. Well said. It’s a top down approach and a timely reminder . We need to dream of a society from a bottom-up approach alike, putting forward the recommendations and action plans for changing the social issues faced by a nation like Sri Lanka.

  2. Great ideas, South Asian countries have been blessed with plenty of resources, especially the youth. The productive engagement, empowerment, and inclusion of these young people will be critical to bring a huge change and to achieve full development potential of these countries.

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